Take Ownership of Your Game at Austin Basketball Camps

Austin Basketball Camps & Taking Ownership


Take Ownership of Your Game at Austin Basketball Camps

We play because we love the sport. We want to be successful in the sport. We want the sport to take us places that we have never been. Basketball offers us every opportunity but sometimes we miss it. We miss it because we lose sight of why we play. Players must figure out why they play basketball and take ownership of that. It is your game. You can go as far as you want in the game of basketball. If you train properly, practice daily, develop physically there is no limit where you can go in basketball. You don’t have to be 6’8″ 270 and jump out of the gym. There have been plenty of basketball players who were “under sized” playing professionally all over the world. Players must not let misperceptions dictate where they game will go or where it can go. Be your own boss on the court. Once you start training, you will start to figure out what you need to improve on in your game. Each basketball improvement is an addition to your basketball portfolio that you can improve at camp.

Don’t Make Basketball Assumptions

Basketball players should never make assumptions about anything in regards to the game of basketball. First off, it allows for that unwanted  thinking on the court. It also is not an healthy development tool if you want to be a better basketball player. The best thing to do, rather than making assumptions, is to ask questions. How do I get better? What are the most effective moves in the game? How can I make my teammates better? How can I jump higher? Austin Youth Basketball players who ask questions show us that they are willing to learn. They are willing to take their game to the next level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as it will only benefit you in the end!When you start to think “Okay, should I train today?” or maybe “Should I put up some shots today?” The answer is yes! You’re not the only player trying to make it to the top in this game. You have to know that when you’re not working someone else is. This should be motivation for you to stay in the gym and take ownership of your game.

Help Dictate The Basketball Camp Experience and Workout 

It is your game. You are the owner. Your Austin basketball trainer can create the schedule, the itinerary but it is you who has to execute the plan. You have to be able to take your basketball training to that next level. You have to be able to push yourself as well as know your limits. The great thing about basketball is that it is a team game that can be personalized. Take your game and take it to the next level. You never know when you might miss an opportunity. Austin Basketball Camps help teach the importance of taking ownership of their game every session they come to the gym.



Austin Basketball Camps and Stretching

Austin Basketball Camps and Stretching

Attending Austin Basketball Camps and worried about stretching properly?  During a recent personal training session, Austin personal trainer Rusty Gregory of Forte Fitness discussed the importance of a flexible athlete in order to maximize performance and decrease injuries.  Both are goals here at Austin Basketball Camps.  We had basketball expert Kyle Ohman of www.WeightTraining.com and www.BasketballHQ.com write this guest post.

If you are younger basketball player you are probably not really concerned about stretching on a regular basis. You probably think to yourself, “stretching is for older people, I am still young.” Well what if I told you that stretching can make you jump higher, run faster, and be overall more athletic? Well it can! It also helps prevent injury, speeds up recovery time, and helps lessen soreness.

Outlook From Young Players At Austin Basketball Camps

I am sure that you are starting to have a little bit of a different outlook on stretching now. With all the positive effects of stretching you would have to be crazy not to spend time stretching on a regular basis. However now that you know the importance of stretching in basketball, you may not know the correct way to stretch, or how long you should stretch for. That is why I am going to provide you with a few stretching pointers that you can use to help you become a better basketball player.

There are two main types of stretching that you are going to use as a player. One is dynamic stretching and the other is static stretching. Dynamic stretching involves moving your joints and muscles as you stretch, and this should be done before activity. This will help to prevent injuries by loosening up your muscles and getting them warmed up. Static stretching is done after an event, and is great for improving flexibility. This will help your muscles recover quicker and also help to prevent injuries as well.
If you are like me than when you read the first paragraph all you saw was, “stretching will help make you more athletic” and that is why you have continued to read this article. Well here is how stretching will help your athleticism. Most players struggle with flexibility in their hips and core body area and that means that they are not able to get low before jumping, or move quickly laterally. Your body needs to be able to load before making an explosive movement, but if you are not able to load the correct way your movement will be slower and less effective. Being able to stretch your legs, hips, back, etc. will all help with this, but you must be willing to do it on a regular basis. Start out with just 10 minutes of static stretching a day, outside of before or after an event, and then go from there.

Commitment to Stretching In Austin Basketball Camps

If you haven’t stretched on a regular basis for a while, you most likely will not be very flexible at first, but that is okay. As you begin to stretch regularly your flexibility will start to improve and you will notice the difference that it makes. You will start to see the payoff and benefits of stretching and we look forward to introducing this routine in our Austin Basketball Camps.
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Austin Basketball Camps



Parents and players have hundreds of choices when looking at Austin Basketball Camps.   Some camps offer inspiration served up by basketball celebrities.  Others are focused purely on fun.  There are UT camps, high school camps, point guard basketball camps, strength and conditioning camps, girls basketball camps, coed camps, and “exposure” basketball camps all over Greater Austin and beyond.   How do you choose?

Meet The Best Austin Basketball Camps

Austin Youth Basketball Camps focus on putting the fun in fundamentals while insuring a very low instructor to player ratio and limiting attendance to 25 players in most cases.  (Our Dripping Springs Camps with DSYSA may have more.)   Camp Directors include former Longhorn player Chris Price, former University of Maine at Fort Kent point guard Chris Corbett, and former Illinois State player Mike Vandegarde.  Both Chris Price and Chris Corbett are year round professional basketball trainers for Austin Youth Basketball and collectively offer personalized training to over 130 young basketball players.  Mike VandeGarde serves as an NBA scout for the last 10 years and helps out on Austin Youth Basketball Academies as well.  Basketball Camps are not a side hustle or something our school forces us to do.  We do camps because we love to share our expertise in a passionate manner that brings our campers back year after year.

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When selecting your next Austin basketball camps, please consider Austin Youth Basketball for a great learning environment provided by expert and passionate player development specialists.




Austin Basketball Camps For Girls


Austin Basketball Camps for girls are often challenge for parents to find.  One should look at what the goals and the parent are in choosing a camp.  If entertainment and inspiration are the goals, the UT women’s camp may be a good fit.  If the goal is to get exposure one can look at basketball camps like the Adidas Phenom camps.  Be careful to be ready for that moment and have a very strong skill set or you may get exposed rather than achieving exposure.  If you and your player are focused on actually working on the game and developing as a player that can earn exposure, make the team, and expand your role, then read on.



Austin Youth Basketball offers Austin basketball camps focused on skill development.  We pride ourselves on creating an environment where players expand their skill set, magnify existing strengths, address fundamental shortcomings, and leave more confident than on the first day of camps.  Yes, plenty of scrimmage, but focused on trying new skills, accepting failure as part of the growth cycle and learning how to develop as basketball players.

Austin Basketball Camps For Girls Should Put The Fun In Fundamentals

We focus on delivering a strong education but we do embrace game based learning.  We believe your kid should have fun.  Yes… fun.  We have a very high percentage of return campers and credit this to our approach.  If you are looking for Austin basketball camps for girls please look at Austin Youth Basketball.

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