Breaking Bad Habits At Austin Basketball Camps

 Breaking Bad habits at Austin Basketball Camps

Breaking Bad Habits at Austin Basketball Camps

Bad habits are every where in our  lives and they have such a negative affect on us. Bad habits can creep in like a little pest and bring us down. This is no different in basketball. There are so many bad habits, big and small, that if we would change them our games would take off.
One bad habit that I have noticed over the past few years being involved in the game. Is after a miss shot, players put there head down or start a pity party for themselves. Why? Do players not realize that misses are more common than makes? It is part of the game. You will not make every shot. Let it go and get back on defense! This game is constantly moving and going up and down. If you sit and ponder every shot you take you will not be in tuned with the game. Players need to learn to let misses go. If you shoot and miss just get back. I guarantee that you will get another opportunity to score. Don’t let a miss bring your entire game down, stay positive and move on.
Another bad habit that I noticed is their is no communication on the court. Whether it is instructional, helping a teammate out, or even being supportive. There are few players that know how to communicate on the floor. This habit should be practiced every time you’re playing ball. Communication is easy, I think of it like this. We all send text messages daily right? When we send a text we usually let the person know what we are doing. You’re are very specific when texting the person on the other end because you know they can’t see you. That’s all communication is on the court. Sending an alert to your teammates.

When there is no communication between teams that limits the teams ability to be successful. Also, it affects team chemistry. A lack of team chemistry is caused by no trust on the court. This is why we as basketball players need to break the habit of not communicating on the court. Not only will it help our basketball games but it will also help us socially.


Accountability and Bad Habits At Austin Basketball Camps

Breaking bad habits is up to you individually. Each player must take their own bad habits and break them. The best way to break these habits is just to stop doing them! There is no secret formula, no product out there for breaking bad habits on the court. You need to just be able to do the opposite. Let a miss go, talk on the court-keep your team engaged, and have fun!

Once you break these habits you will feel uncomfortable going back to them. Your basketball game will benefit the most from it. It is all on you to decide how and when you want to break bad habits and be a better basketball player!


Using Positivity At Camps To Move On and Up

Bad habits and negativity can turn the gym into a horrible place. Basketball is a game, it’s a sport. It is super competitive but it’s still a game. Games are meant to be positive and fun. The basketball court is where we have our fun. So stay positive, when things don’t go your way. Still find a way to smile. All basketball players have had moments when they felt like nothing could go their way. All those basketball players have also came out on top. It’s on to control how your game will go. Will you let the bad habits sink in or will you find a way to stay positive regardless? It’s on you to decide. Our Austin Basketball Camps show players how to break bad habits each and every session!