My Best Basketball Camp Experience

My Best Basketball Camp

 My Best Basketball Camp Experience

Who loves basketball camps?  I love basketball camps.  As a camp director and basketball trainer I love interacting with enthusiastic kids and teaching them the basketball skills and tricks I’ve picked up over the years.  As a kid, I may have loved camp even more because I loooooove playing basketball, in any setting.  And almost every basketball camp I went to as a kid I enjoyed, but there is one in particular that was my favorite, and it was the last basketball camp I ever attended as a player.  Let me tell you about it.

In a city far away in a foregone era… actually it was Houston Texas about 14 years ago, but same difference… I had just completed my sophomore year of high school and had received some discouraging news from my high school coach at the end of the school year.  He thought that some of the other players my age and younger were better than me at my position, and he didn’t believe I could be a huge asset to the team going forward.  Basketball tryouts are in the fall, but he basically let me know that my spot was not guaranteed.  In so doing, he actually inspired me to work on my game like never before.

My mom signed me up for a University of Houston summer basketball camp, and I was excited and a little nervous about going.  I had actually never been to a college basketball camp before.  I knew the competition was going to be good.  And when I got there, my intuition was correct; there were a lot of good players.  By this time, a lot of the guys my age (including me) were dunking and doing a lot of athletic things on the court.  A lot of the guys were already Varsity players.  But by the end of the week this camp helped me get my confidence back.


Hot Shot Champion

Woohooooo I won the camp Hot Shot Shootout and was named Hot Shot Champion.  I got a T-shirt for it and wore it to play pickup basketball for years.  One of the kids at the camp told me I was a pure shooter.  That stuck with me because I had never been recognized for my shooting before.  The rest of the summer I made it a point to work on my shooting and I did become a really good shooter.  But this camp gave me the confidence that I could even be that.  It was good to get around new players and coaches, show my stuff and be recognized by a different set of eyes.


Mr. Coachable 

One of the things my high school coach told me was that I had a bad attitude.  That was one of the reasons he wasn’t sure there was a spot for me going forward.  There was a little bit of truth to this, but I wasn’t a rebellious kid.  I was (and still am) a fierce competitor, and that always didn’t translate in the best of ways when I was a kid.  I was never a kid who talked back to coaches or ignored instructions but I would show frustration with myself and teammates from time to time.  Well at this camp, I won the Mr. Coachable Award.  I got a T-shirt for this too!  Shortly after my high school coach told me I had a bad attitude, I had a college coach tell me that I had a coachable attitude.  This was great for my confidence as a basketball player going forward.


Team Runner-Up

Scrimmaging is a lot of times the most fun at camp.  You always learn one or two good things, but kids love to scrimmage, and so did I.  This camp split everybody up into teams that they kept for the entire week.  It operated like a mini league with the playoffs being on the last day.  This really helped me get my groove back.  I was able to lead my team to the championship game where we lost a close game.  But it was a great experience for me.  My teammates looked at me like a leader and I got a chance to be a go-to-player, something that wasn’t the case on my high school team up to that point.  Everybody said that if we would have won, that I would have gotten the Camp MVP award, which ended up going to the best player on the winning team.  Whether it was true or not, hearing that meant a lot to me and boosted my basketball confidence back up to a good level.  Later on I was able to continue my high school basketball career, and became a key player for my team my senior year.  I was the only perimeter player on my team to receive All District Honors, and I eventually got to play college basketball.  The confidence I received from this summer basketball camp I really believe had something to do with it.


I encourage all you young players to attend at LEAST one basketball camp this summer.  You never know what you will find there.  It could be an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  Happy camping!  In the remote chance you live in my town, come check out one of our Austin Basketball Camps.

Austin Basketball Trainer Chris Price

Chris Price – Basketball Trainer

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Austin Basketball Camps


Take Ownership of Your Game at Austin Basketball Camps

Austin Basketball Camps & Taking Ownership


Take Ownership of Your Game at Austin Basketball Camps

We play because we love the sport. We want to be successful in the sport. We want the sport to take us places that we have never been. Basketball offers us every opportunity but sometimes we miss it. We miss it because we lose sight of why we play. Players must figure out why they play basketball and take ownership of that. It is your game. You can go as far as you want in the game of basketball. If you train properly, practice daily, develop physically there is no limit where you can go in basketball. You don’t have to be 6’8″ 270 and jump out of the gym. There have been plenty of basketball players who were “under sized” playing professionally all over the world. Players must not let misperceptions dictate where they game will go or where it can go. Be your own boss on the court. Once you start training, you will start to figure out what you need to improve on in your game. Each basketball improvement is an addition to your basketball portfolio that you can improve at camp.

Don’t Make Basketball Assumptions

Basketball players should never make assumptions about anything in regards to the game of basketball. First off, it allows for that unwanted  thinking on the court. It also is not an healthy development tool if you want to be a better basketball player. The best thing to do, rather than making assumptions, is to ask questions. How do I get better? What are the most effective moves in the game? How can I make my teammates better? How can I jump higher? Austin Youth Basketball players who ask questions show us that they are willing to learn. They are willing to take their game to the next level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as it will only benefit you in the end!When you start to think “Okay, should I train today?” or maybe “Should I put up some shots today?” The answer is yes! You’re not the only player trying to make it to the top in this game. You have to know that when you’re not working someone else is. This should be motivation for you to stay in the gym and take ownership of your game.

Help Dictate The Basketball Camp Experience and Workout 

It is your game. You are the owner. Your Austin basketball trainer can create the schedule, the itinerary but it is you who has to execute the plan. You have to be able to take your basketball training to that next level. You have to be able to push yourself as well as know your limits. The great thing about basketball is that it is a team game that can be personalized. Take your game and take it to the next level. You never know when you might miss an opportunity. Austin Basketball Camps help teach the importance of taking ownership of their game every session they come to the gym.


Breaking Bad Habits At Austin Basketball Camps

 Breaking Bad habits at Austin Basketball Camps

Breaking Bad Habits at Austin Basketball Camps

Bad habits are every where in our  lives and they have such a negative affect on us. Bad habits can creep in like a little pest and bring us down. This is no different in basketball. There are so many bad habits, big and small, that if we would change them our games would take off.
One bad habit that I have noticed over the past few years being involved in the game. Is after a miss shot, players put there head down or start a pity party for themselves. Why? Do players not realize that misses are more common than makes? It is part of the game. You will not make every shot. Let it go and get back on defense! This game is constantly moving and going up and down. If you sit and ponder every shot you take you will not be in tuned with the game. Players need to learn to let misses go. If you shoot and miss just get back. I guarantee that you will get another opportunity to score. Don’t let a miss bring your entire game down, stay positive and move on.
Another bad habit that I noticed is their is no communication on the court. Whether it is instructional, helping a teammate out, or even being supportive. There are few players that know how to communicate on the floor. This habit should be practiced every time you’re playing ball. Communication is easy, I think of it like this. We all send text messages daily right? When we send a text we usually let the person know what we are doing. You’re are very specific when texting the person on the other end because you know they can’t see you. That’s all communication is on the court. Sending an alert to your teammates.

When there is no communication between teams that limits the teams ability to be successful. Also, it affects team chemistry. A lack of team chemistry is caused by no trust on the court. This is why we as basketball players need to break the habit of not communicating on the court. Not only will it help our basketball games but it will also help us socially.


Accountability and Bad Habits At Austin Basketball Camps

Breaking bad habits is up to you individually. Each player must take their own bad habits and break them. The best way to break these habits is just to stop doing them! There is no secret formula, no product out there for breaking bad habits on the court. You need to just be able to do the opposite. Let a miss go, talk on the court-keep your team engaged, and have fun!

Once you break these habits you will feel uncomfortable going back to them. Your basketball game will benefit the most from it. It is all on you to decide how and when you want to break bad habits and be a better basketball player!


Using Positivity At Camps To Move On and Up

Bad habits and negativity can turn the gym into a horrible place. Basketball is a game, it’s a sport. It is super competitive but it’s still a game. Games are meant to be positive and fun. The basketball court is where we have our fun. So stay positive, when things don’t go your way. Still find a way to smile. All basketball players have had moments when they felt like nothing could go their way. All those basketball players have also came out on top. It’s on to control how your game will go. Will you let the bad habits sink in or will you find a way to stay positive regardless? It’s on you to decide. Our Austin Basketball Camps show players how to break bad habits each and every session!


The Importance of Background Checks At Basketball Camps

Our Free E-Book “How To Evaluate Basketball Camps” discusses this in greater detail, but background checks are an important first step when considering leaving your child with care providers.  The below infographic goes into more statistical and visual details on how to manage/avoid risk in your everyday life.

We don’t want to scare parents unnecessarily, but also want to help with some simple tips to reduce risk.

8 Potentially Life-Threatening Situations in Everyday Life – An infographic by the team at





What We Won't Teach At Austin Basketball CampsAustin Basketball Camps

Our Basketball Camps Will Teach Your Kid How to Play Defense

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Your Austin Basketball Camp Is Over…Now What?

Heading 1: Austin Youth Basketball Camp  Heading 2: Austin Youth Basketball Camp-Basketball Camp Is Over, Now What?  Heading 3: Austin Youth Basketball Camp-Continued Training   The unfortunate thing about camps that they only last a week or two. That's barely enough time to get into a basketball rhythm at camp. Camps allowsus to get better, to make friends, and to see basketball in a different type of setting. Campers usually leave thinking camp is over what do I do now?   Basketball Camp Is Over, Now What? Take a small break then continue playing basketball. Basketball never stops. Nike has use this punch line to encourage basketball players to keep playing year round. There's always improvements to be made. Basketball players should take this into heavy consideration. Whether it be to continue to work on your dribbling. Finding a gym and putting up a lot of jump shots. Or finding a traveling/AAU team to play on to continue to get better through competition.  It is encouraged to take a few weeks off for a vacation, to heal or recover however don't get too comfortable. We must always continue to work on our game.  Continued Training:  Austin Youth Basketball offers personalized training for players to continue developing their skills. Our training sessions are offered three days a week. Each session is a hour.  At these training sessions we continue activities done at the basketball camp. We believe that my repetition makes the best basketball players.  Players if possible should find a traveling team or an AAU team to play on. These teams allow basketball players to play continue to play high level competition for the rest of the summer season. Not everyone can play on these teams. So basketball players need to bring their confidence and 'A' games to the tryout sessions. At Austin Youth Basketball, we believe basketball should continue year-round, Basketball Never Stops!

 Austin Basketball Camps Are Over… Now What?

The unfortunate thing about Austin basketball camps is that they only last a week or two. That’s barely enough time to get into a basketball rhythm at camp. Camps allow us to get better, to make friends, and to see basketball in a different type of setting. Campers usually leave thinking camp is over… what do I do now?

Before Camp is over…

Ask each coach what you can do to get better in the next 60 days and specifically what area to attack first and tools they recommend using.  Here at our Austin Basketball Camps we spend a few minutes offering evaluation tips and also recommend our players sign up for an online basketball training membership with  This reinforces and expands upon the learning we start in camp and also serves to bring structure to the players workouts.  At only $7 per month this is a great deal.
Take a small break then continue playing basketball. Basketball never stops. Nike has used this punch line to encourage basketball players to keep playing year round. There’ are always improvements to be made. Basketball players should take this into heavy consideration now that they have been exposed to player development.  Whether it be to continue to work on your dribbling, finding a gym and putting up a lot of jump shots. One can find a traveling/AAU team to play on to continue to get better through competition bur ot still should make player development priority number one.  It is rare that players who spend a summer playing games get better unless they are working on their games and integrating personailzed training into those games.
 It is encouraged to take a few weeks off for a vacation, to heal or recover, but  don’t get too comfortable. We must always continue to work on our game.

Continued Training After Your Austin Basketball Camps:

Austin Youth Basketball offers personalized training for players to continue developing their skills. Our training sessions are offered three days a week. Each session is a hour.  At these training sessions we continue activities done at the basketball camp. We believe that my repetition makes the best basketball players.  At our Austin Basketball Camps, we believe basketball skill development should continue year-round, Basketball Never Stops!   Make every basketball workout your masterpiece.  Strive for improvement in process over performance, and recall the lessons you learned at our Austin Basketball Camps.



Austin Basketball Camps and Stretching

Austin Basketball Camps and Stretching

Attending Austin Basketball Camps and worried about stretching properly?  During a recent personal training session, Austin personal trainer Rusty Gregory of Forte Fitness discussed the importance of a flexible athlete in order to maximize performance and decrease injuries.  Both are goals here at Austin Basketball Camps.  We had basketball expert Kyle Ohman of and write this guest post.

If you are younger basketball player you are probably not really concerned about stretching on a regular basis. You probably think to yourself, “stretching is for older people, I am still young.” Well what if I told you that stretching can make you jump higher, run faster, and be overall more athletic? Well it can! It also helps prevent injury, speeds up recovery time, and helps lessen soreness.

Outlook From Young Players At Austin Basketball Camps

I am sure that you are starting to have a little bit of a different outlook on stretching now. With all the positive effects of stretching you would have to be crazy not to spend time stretching on a regular basis. However now that you know the importance of stretching in basketball, you may not know the correct way to stretch, or how long you should stretch for. That is why I am going to provide you with a few stretching pointers that you can use to help you become a better basketball player.

There are two main types of stretching that you are going to use as a player. One is dynamic stretching and the other is static stretching. Dynamic stretching involves moving your joints and muscles as you stretch, and this should be done before activity. This will help to prevent injuries by loosening up your muscles and getting them warmed up. Static stretching is done after an event, and is great for improving flexibility. This will help your muscles recover quicker and also help to prevent injuries as well.
If you are like me than when you read the first paragraph all you saw was, “stretching will help make you more athletic” and that is why you have continued to read this article. Well here is how stretching will help your athleticism. Most players struggle with flexibility in their hips and core body area and that means that they are not able to get low before jumping, or move quickly laterally. Your body needs to be able to load before making an explosive movement, but if you are not able to load the correct way your movement will be slower and less effective. Being able to stretch your legs, hips, back, etc. will all help with this, but you must be willing to do it on a regular basis. Start out with just 10 minutes of static stretching a day, outside of before or after an event, and then go from there.

Commitment to Stretching In Austin Basketball Camps

If you haven’t stretched on a regular basis for a while, you most likely will not be very flexible at first, but that is okay. As you begin to stretch regularly your flexibility will start to improve and you will notice the difference that it makes. You will start to see the payoff and benefits of stretching and we look forward to introducing this routine in our Austin Basketball Camps.
Check for overview.


Austin Basketball Camps Purpose

Austin Basketball Camps Purpose

What exactly is the purpose of Austin Basketball Camps?  There is no better season than summer. Summer is a chance for us to take breaks. The sun is out, the days are longer, the roads are clear. Summer is chance for families to be outside, vacation, and barbecue. Summer also is a wonderful time for basketball players. After a long winter season and a short spring, we look forward to the summer as a chance to restart and regain our confidence. During the summer, basketball players need to realize for three months their for focus is their own game. They need to be their own critiques and be selfish in their own development in the game. If basketball players do this the following winter will be their best individual season. The great thing about this is that it can happen year after year, just ask LeBron James!

Austin Basketball Camps – Finding YOUR Purpose

Summer basketball serves a major purpose. Its purpose is to prepare basketball players for the winter basketball season. It gives athletes a chance to develop their skills without any outside distractions. Getting an education is most important in life but for an basketball player or any athlete in this matter,  it can be hard to balance academics and athletics at the same time. In the summer, basketball players can just focus on being basketball players. This allows ample time for basketball players to develop any skills they lacked during the regular season and/or any skills that could have been better in. For instance, I coached a player who could not dribble with his left hand. All season long it was a struggle for him to cross over or put pressure on the defense with his left hand. I gave him a summer dribbling program. Over the summer, he had numerous hours during the day he committed to confident dribbling series. This built  his strength in his left hand. The next season he was able to finish with either hand.

Summer is a great opportunity for basketball players to commit to the game and take their own games to the the next level.


Austin Basketball Camps Ballhandling Purpose

Gaining a confident dribble is one of the most important skills a basketball players can develop over the summer. There are countless dribbling drills out there. For example,  Take two balls and dribble at the same time. With the same two balls alternate the dribble, dribble one high and one low, in and out dribble, north and south dribble, be creative! This develops the dribbling confidence in both hands, equally.

Another drill can be to toss a tennis ball in the air and cross over to catch with the hand the basketball player was dribbling with. This drill is way for basketball dribbling while keeping their head up. These drills and many more will be done at Austin Basketball Camps this summer …


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Austin Basketball Camps



Parents and players have hundreds of choices when looking at Austin Basketball Camps.   Some camps offer inspiration served up by basketball celebrities.  Others are focused purely on fun.  There are UT camps, high school camps, point guard basketball camps, strength and conditioning camps, girls basketball camps, coed camps, and “exposure” basketball camps all over Greater Austin and beyond.   How do you choose?

Meet The Best Austin Basketball Camps

Austin Youth Basketball Camps focus on putting the fun in fundamentals while insuring a very low instructor to player ratio and limiting attendance to 25 players in most cases.  (Our Dripping Springs Camps with DSYSA may have more.)   Camp Directors include former Longhorn player Chris Price, former University of Maine at Fort Kent point guard Chris Corbett, and former Illinois State player Mike Vandegarde.  Both Chris Price and Chris Corbett are year round professional basketball trainers for Austin Youth Basketball and collectively offer personalized training to over 130 young basketball players.  Mike VandeGarde serves as an NBA scout for the last 10 years and helps out on Austin Youth Basketball Academies as well.  Basketball Camps are not a side hustle or something our school forces us to do.  We do camps because we love to share our expertise in a passionate manner that brings our campers back year after year.

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