Austin Basketball Camps Purpose

Austin Basketball Camps Purpose

What exactly is the purpose of Austin Basketball Camps?  There is no better season than summer. Summer is a chance for us to take breaks. The sun is out, the days are longer, the roads are clear. Summer is chance for families to be outside, vacation, and barbecue. Summer also is a wonderful time for basketball players. After a long winter season and a short spring, we look forward to the summer as a chance to restart and regain our confidence. During the summer, basketball players need to realize for three months their for focus is their own game. They need to be their own critiques and be selfish in their own development in the game. If basketball players do this the following winter will be their best individual season. The great thing about this is that it can happen year after year, just ask LeBron James!

Austin Basketball Camps – Finding YOUR Purpose

Summer basketball serves a major purpose. Its purpose is to prepare basketball players for the winter basketball season. It gives athletes a chance to develop their skills without any outside distractions. Getting an education is most important in life but for an basketball player or any athlete in this matter,  it can be hard to balance academics and athletics at the same time. In the summer, basketball players can just focus on being basketball players. This allows ample time for basketball players to develop any skills they lacked during the regular season and/or any skills that could have been better in. For instance, I coached a player who could not dribble with his left hand. All season long it was a struggle for him to cross over or put pressure on the defense with his left hand. I gave him a summer dribbling program. Over the summer, he had numerous hours during the day he committed to confident dribbling series. This built  his strength in his left hand. The next season he was able to finish with either hand.

Summer is a great opportunity for basketball players to commit to the game and take their own games to the the next level.


Austin Basketball Camps Ballhandling Purpose

Gaining a confident dribble is one of the most important skills a basketball players can develop over the summer. There are countless dribbling drills out there. For example,  Take two balls and dribble at the same time. With the same two balls alternate the dribble, dribble one high and one low, in and out dribble, north and south dribble, be creative! This develops the dribbling confidence in both hands, equally.

Another drill can be to toss a tennis ball in the air and cross over to catch with the hand the basketball player was dribbling with. This drill is way for basketball dribbling while keeping their head up. These drills and many more will be done at Austin Basketball Camps this summer …


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